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Corona, California, is nestled peacefully among the scenic rolling hills and colorful wildflowers of Riverside County, about 45 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles. Mother Nature separates Corona from greater Los Angeles and many of its eastern suburban communities by the majestic peaks of the Santa Ana Mountains.

For several years during its infancy, Corona real estate existed primarily as an agricultural hub of the citrus industry. As the L.A. metropolitan area inched ever outwards, more and more people discovered how good life could be in Corona. More recently, in the decade between the United States census in 2000 and the most recent one in 2010, Corona welcomed more than 27,000 new residents, growing from 124,966 to 152,374.

This influx of new citizens gradually transformed the rustic rural community into a thriving and ethnically diverse city, while managing to retain its charming, horse-town appeal.